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Updated: Feb 7

They asked the guru of social media marketing, Seth Godin:

"How do you find time to write so many books?"

His answer is simple: "I don't watch television, and I don't attend meetings."

Elon Musk explains the meeting culture at Tesla like this:

"Leaving a meeting is not considered rude. Forcing people to stay and wasting their time is rude."

In the post-pandemic world, the most common complaint among people is the feeling of wasting their time.

Having hundreds of options makes us more easily bored.

We've become so bored that when Netflix introduced the "skip intro" button, there was talk of awarding a Nobel Prize to whoever discovered it. (Those who saved time by skipping the intro spent it watching more Netflix.)

When creating content, we need to keep in mind how valuable people's time is.

If we respect our followers' time, they will respect us in return.

Today, it's no coincidence that the most successful content creators are accounts that provide a lot of information in a short amount of time.

When people consume good content, they believe they are spending their time wisely.

Therefore, when creating content, we must ensure that we eliminate unnecessary information, words, and even sentences from the text.

Not only meeting enthusiasts but also content creators should remember Einstein's advice: "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

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