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Boredom is one of humanity's oldest adversaries: In an experiment, subjects watching a boring film were given the chance to administer electric shocks to themselves. Most subjects pressed the button, inflicting pain upon themselves.

In this way, they could stimulate their bored bodies somewhat.

Fortunately, on social media, we can quickly bypass content that bores us. This confronts us with a very interesting reality: Our attention span has fallen below eight seconds and continues to decline.

The average goldfish has a longer attention span. (9 seconds)

The content we share must absolutely not bore our followers.

Since our followers are exposed to many different stimuli simultaneously, our writing should flow like a river. The slightest pause causes the reader to lose interest.

So, what causes these pauses:

  • Clutter in Writing

  • Incorrect Use of Words/Punctuation Marks

  • Difficult to Read/Understand Words

  • Emotional Flatness of the Text


  1. Clutter in Writing

  • Ensure that each of your content pieces focuses on just one idea. Support that idea with all your arguments, stories, and examples.

  • Remove all unnecessary words, sentences, and even paragraphs.

  • Always read aloud to check if the text flows smoothly. Change any parts where you stumble while reading.

2. Incorrect Use of Words/Punctuation Marks


  • Pay attention to the use of adjectives and adverbs. Be aware of differences in meaning. Try not to use the same word repeatedly.

  • Use punctuation marks sparingly. They shouldn't slow down reading.

  • If you can split a sentence into two, do it; this can increase reading speed.

 3. Difficult to Read/Understand Words


  • Avoid selecting difficult words to appear smarter or more knowledgeable. If your readers don't know them, steer clear of technical terms. Explain things in the easiest, simplest, and most straightforward way possible.

  • Consider alternatives for each word and choose the most appropriate and beautiful one.

  • Don't overwhelm the text with difficult words. For most readers, it's easier to read a long paragraph consisting of simple sentences than a single paragraph consisting of difficult words.

4. Emotional Flatness of the Text

The most serious factor that makes text boring is its lack of emotion.

To prevent this:

  • Choose a topic you're passionate about.

  • Write as if you're talking to a friend.

  • Show readers that you're one of them.

  • Add vivid details to your story.

  • Provide examples.

  • Don't be afraid of your strong opinions.

  • Never, ever use passive voice.

We often worry that the subject we're discussing is boring; however, even the most boring topics can come alive with an active, simple, clear, and sincere narrative.

Conversely, the most exciting topics can induce a desire for an electric shock in the reader due to the wrong choice of words, passive voice, complex descriptions, and insincere narration.

We must show the necessary care for our readers who focus on us among thousands of stimuli.

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