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They ask a traveler who has seen many countries, what do people have in common? “They are prone to sloth” the traveler replies.

For Nietzsche, there is an invisible heaviness underlying our laziness: “being timid”

We hide ourselves.

Because we fear the reactions that we will face when we show our difference. It makes us feel comfortable to agree with our environment.

We get used to laziness.

Deep down, we each know that we are unique. Yet when we sit down to write, it feels as if everything has already been written, every word has already been said.

Even The Bible, which is at least two thousand years old, says “there is nothing new under the sun”. Yet every year, thousands of unique stories, novels, poems, articles and screenplays continue to be written.

William Zinsser, a connoisseur of writing, says he often asked by young writers, "Who am I to tell my own thoughts?", “And I answer them, who are you that you can't express your own thoughts?'” says Zinsser.

“There is only one you. No one else can think or feel the same way.”

Every article can become interesting when we share our feelings and thoughts honestly and simply, whether it's our childhood memories, love life, political opinions, or current events.

For even if every word has been spoken under the sun, it has not yet been spoken by us.

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